I decided to put this site together because 1) I like tinkering with the web, 2) I like gadgets, and 3) I like digital photography. So, hey, why not combine everything and make a site about a digital camera? Actually, I own a FinePix f10, but since people are going to be hunting around for the latest version, it really doesn't make much sense to build a site and get it ranked on search engines for something no one cares about anymore.


If you haven't figured it out yet, yes this is a fairly basic site. I hope to develop it more as time goes on. Maybe add other cameras, a place where people can trade tips, software they like to use, and perhaps share their favorite images. Who knows. The main goal at the moment is to get some practice doing web site stuff and in getting decent rankings on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and maybe Ask). If you were wondering, I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 for site development. And if I ever get around to learning PHP, I'll be using Zend Studio for scripting development with a MySQL database.


Can I get this site to rank number one with the big boy search engines? Let's find out! Oh, and I am documenting my efforts on my blog (hey, everyone else has one!) at deadgrasshopper.blogspot.com.


Oh, and if you poke around enough, both here at this site and around the web in general, you'll probably see my SEO efforts for getting a better ranking. :)